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About the Artist

Victoria "Tori" Burgess

   My earliest memories include art to one degree or another.  From finger painting as a toddler, doodling on my notebooks in elementary school and finally pursuing classes in art and jewelry.


   In the late 70's in Northern California, I started out as an oil painter (like my grandfather) and pursued lapidary jewelry. During this time I also entered a local Art Show and was surprised to find I had won the Best of Show. I had not even attended the show because I didn't think I had any chance against my two favorite peers.  It just goes to show you - artists are always their own worst critis!  

After school I followed a career in the tech support industry and I struggled to continue my art while working, trying to take care of my family and traveling. Eventually taking a long break from art because there were just not enough hours in the day.  Finally, I was able to find my path back to art and my heart has been lifted to be doing what I love and am passionate about!  


Today I am a mixed media painter. Working in watercolors, acrylics and a multitude of different media to enhance my pieces.  I enjoy doing textural abstracts and realistic pieces inspired by nature.  I want people to be able to touch my paintings and feel the texture.  And hopefully be moved by my work.


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